Thursday, July 25, 2013

I am ArtSeRae!

A little over six months ago, I discovered the world of Mixed Media, Art Journaling and Altered Art. Painting, Drawing, Creating…Oh My! I carefully studied YouTube videos, pinned beautiful pictures on Pinterest and find more than enough blogs to follow to make my inspiration cup runneth over. I had finally found what I’d be running from all these years. I’d found my creative niche’. Did you hear me??? MY creative niche’. Keyword here…creative! I can be creative! I can do art! I am an artist! I found a place where I can do what I want and how I want. Messy, no rules and unrestrained…I am in love. I discovered that after all these years of telling myself, “you can’t paint”, “you can’t draw”, “you can’t create beautiful art that others can/will admire”, well guess what I CAN, I DID and I WILL!! Join me as I venture down this winding, humbling road of self-discovery that is sure to include, new challenges, ink stained hands, painted canvases and lots and lots of glue!

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